#014 (en) - Adriaan van Os on VASTGoodies and the Smalltalk community in the Netherlands

02.02.12, 18:00:00 von SmalltalkInspect

This time we talk to Adriaan van Os from the Netherlands. Besides being the main contributor to the VAStGoodies.com project he is also known for several other activities in the Smalltalk arena:

We talk about his day job at OHRA, a brand of the Delta Lloyd Group in the Netherlands. They were the first project to use Seaside and VA Smalltalk in several publicly accessible applications, so he has some interesting things to tell about Seaside. His employer sponsors a few open source initiatives in the Smalltalk community, like ports of Pier, Magritte and jQuery Mobile to VA Smalltalk as well as the VAStGoodies.com server, so we learn a bit about their attitude towards open source and the community.

We give a short overview of how everybody can use VAStGoodies to download open source goodies or publish their own code for other users and discuss what would be helpful for VA Smalltalk to move closer to the open-source community.

We chat about the Smalltalk community in the Netherlands and the "Back to the Future" initiative which organizes talks and presentations at user groups and conferences outside of the Smalltalk world.

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