#018 (en) - Can chips do Smalltalk? - Jecel Assumpcao Jr. about SiliconSqueak

15.07.12, 15:00:00 von SmalltalkInspect

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We're continuing our journey to areas where only few people would think they'll find Smalltalk. This time we talk to Jecel Assumpcao Jr. about the SiliconSqueak project, an attempt to build Computers to natively run Smalltalk bytecodes.

Jecel starts by taking us back to the early 70'ies when Xerox Parc had machines that were optimized to run Smalltalk, through the eighties when people found out you can also run bytcodes really fast (whatever that may have meant on hardware of that day) on standard architectures, right into the near future where the SiliconSqueak project will offer a fully functional computer that can run Squeak Smalltalk, and thus Scratch and Etoys natively.

We're talking about why you'd want to run Smalltalk on bare metal, the different techniques for accelerating Smalltalk code in Hardware, the implications of multi-core and multi-processor architectures on Smalltalk and programming in general. We also cover some Smalltalk history and so make the whole thing once again an interesting and inspiring discussion.

If you want to learn more about the things we've covered, here's a list of links for you:

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