#019 (en) - Shrinking Smalltalk - and building it up from the ground again: Craig Latta about Spoon

26.08.12, 15:00:00 von SmalltalkInspect
Here at Smalltalk Inspect, the summer heat is not passing by without a trace. Both Sebastian and Marten were unavailable, but we did an interview with Craig Latta about his progress on Spoon and - more importantly - Naiad (which means Name and Identity are Distinct), the module system for the Smalltalk of the future. So you see we're doing our best to keep the podcast up and inform you about what's new in and aroung the Smalltalk world, even in the hottest time of the year!

While Spoon aims at identifying the minimum amount of Smalltalk code to build a working system on top of, from basic I/O to network communications and loading additional code, NAIAD is Craig's attempt to building a Smalltalk-Platform independent way of defining, loading and running modules within a NAIAD runtime envorinment, which Spoon can be seen as an example of.

A system like NAIAD offers many interesting options, like the exchange of code between Smalltalk platforms without any porting effort. Just imagine one single code base of your favorite framework with no porting or maintenance forks. We also cover a cool concept of moving code to a deployment image/object space by running tests and only move code that's been run - what a cool way of defining Code Coverage! Only tested code in y our deliverable!

There's a lot more good stuff in the episode and you should definitely listen to this episode if you ever dreamed of building a deliverable from the ground up, securing your executable by guaranteeing that there's not a single line of unneeded code in it and lots more.
If you're interested in reading more about Spoon and Naiad, you can visit Craig's blog named "thisContext".

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