#024 (en) - Smalltalk under the Pi: an Interview with Tim Rowledge

04.05.13, 21:21:57 von SmalltalkInspect
In this episode we talk to tim Rowledge about his work on Smalltalk VMs over the years, especially for the RISC OS Platform and ARM machines.. The latest and probably hottest thing in this arena is his port of Squeak to the Raspberry Pi. This is not only cool in itself, but more importantly enables Raspberry Pi users to use Scratch and EToys on this little machine on RISC OS (the Raspbian Linux version existed before). You can probably imagine how much fun we had in recording this session.
For more info on Scratch you can visit the Scratch Homepage.
There's also a Scratch Forum on the Pi website.

This once more is a little long, but we found so much valuable and interesting info in this gem that we couldn't remove anything without feeling like betraying our listeners. If you want to dig deeper on things we've discussed with tim, visit some of these links:

So, have fun listening and feel free to give us feedback in the comments.

Download MP3 (45,6 MB)

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